Sunday, 28 December 2014


OHHHHH MYYY! it's Christmas time people! sorry late post as been quite busy with myself thinking and been quite busy with to planning my year #2015, searching job, clean my room, just a start to pack and make some change my my come year #2015. anyway, my #Christmas been quite soo well, wonderful, awesome and MERRY, MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! hahaha 

beside it been great, somethings happened, on 24th December, on our way to attend Church, there was a accident but all i can said is i thank to god that me and my family safe as well the person hit our car also safe but unfortunately, he not responsible on what he done, yet throw shit word and after that trying to blame us and after collect all his things then run away. ooh! what the scary and frustrate night we have but thanks god everyone is safe. 

and after done the church, we straight went home and celebrate our father Birthday and we just feel, and me could't feels CALM anything but i kept saying thanks god for keep safe us and thank for this wonderful #ChristmasEve i still got my family stay together. but that night i can't sleep well, maybe still thinking about the accident and at the same times, i feel excited too cus it #Christmas ! :) 

after awhile, i went to bed and fall sleeeeep! haha 

soooo wake up, wake up, wake up! it 25th December 2014, it's Christmas, Jingle bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle alll the way.. 

ohmy! i sooo excited whenever i hear Christmas song.. wen to church to celebrate the Christmas and straight went home and spending my times, watching the #Christmas Movie on Astro Channel Tv, 

i mean, who doesn't love sit at home watching those Christmas movie, iT such a fantasy for kids and as well to me (after all, i grow up) but hey..hey..although just spending Christmas at home but still feelings the happiness and awesome! 

Probably next year will plan somethings different beside staying at hooomeee. haha will see how since i gonna be 25 year old! my god! i getting old..shit! but hope next year will really a good2, awesome year for me.. *Fingercrossed* 

Christmas been a wonderful for me, although it simple way for me to celebrate but as long the one i loved always stay safe, healthy and be happy. that the best Christmas gift i could ask for. although, secretly i wish there a SANTA CLAUSE.. hihihi

And thank you to my little sister this #Christmas Gift, it soo wonderful and awesome for me. god bless you! as well my family! 

This taken during 24th December 2014, after church.. 

My mom and myself...hahaha, we don;t look alike right... 

MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my reader and followers. Thanks for you all support and comments during this year! :) 

Here come our family photo during Christmas Day! :P 

that how i spend my #Christmas and i hope you did have a good time with your family's :) 

till the next post.. :) 

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