Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Long Way Down


Selfie after back from hangout with my friends! :) 

I have been lazy blogger now, i mean so much is going on in my life, chasing the dream, future, career, just almost everything's in my life i need the most. time is ticking and went so fast everything's is like you so moving fast now...so ofcourse the pressure is getting high man! 

So how you take this end of year celebration ?...i sure there many party going on, open house for the new year 2014, right.. well..as for me..still not sure but i guess we going to stay at homeee and waiting the times and see the firework...just the very time activities like we used to do. but of course i hope next year will celebrate in different ways.. just hope next year will better year and luck for me. Spending my moment last week of 2014, with my families and friends. it's fun night get to hangout with my friends, talk about everything's is going in our life as well hoping for next year #2015, so it very thoughtful n meaning night. it good to seem them again before end of year 2014. went home kinda late but i can;t fall sleep maybe tooo much of COLA as whole day i drink cola. hahaha 

" Lately, I've thinking soo much, as i gonna enter my coming age 25 years old, so much responsibility to take, so much thing's i have to figure out about my future plan. so i can;t deny there really a big burden for myself.. it's like i can't feel my body sometimes, cus mine brain start not working anymore and i feel empty and blank out. it's soo long way down for me..

Laying on my bed, thinking and count the day and figure out what i gonna do with my life. i need to find strength, motivation, determined,tough, stronger  for myself.. it been a month now, i sleepy late sometimes i spend hour, hour, hours in my bed thinking nothings 

and time was just pass and till morning, then i went to sleep.. 
that how i spend my daily life now... it such a wasted, 

when you brain is blank, you action is doubtful, your minds is nothing's, 
everything is not going on whatever you do. 
cus you living in UNIVERSE only you exits in it. 
and it called " OBLIVION " fall in your world.. 
it easy to forgive people cus you can but
when come to yourself, and myself, my life, my world

FORGIVE is die for me cus i waste the times where i should make it
and it gone without anything's could ever REPLACE cus i soo die with the times it gone forever..

where it never come back AGAIN.... Just never again "

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