Sunday, 21 December 2014


Yeah! Welcome to DECEMBER 2014! oh god! Times flies so fassst! i wish it never this fast but it soo damn fasssssssst..Just feeling there no enough times for everything;s now. oh god! i wish i could STOP the time now. I wish! 

okay, today i gonna talk a long post here since soon we gonna enter #2015 yea! soo two weeks more left before end 2014

The dream, The future, The success, etc, is all we need to done and make it come true as each year. but lots of sacrifice have to done either lost and gain. Sometimes we just couldn't live without any hope we holding up. who never went such a horrible experience in the life we living, We can't say NO or YES easily as we have to make such a consideration where we gonna put alot effort to make it. be honest, Living the Life without any hope is such a HOPELESS as i went through the most in my 20's now, i really not sure about it but there is somethings the way we move. cus one words define everything's "STAY" :

                      "STAY too long same way
                       STAY exactly same
                       STAY for Royalty
                       STAY for Giving up
                       STAY for Love
                       STAY for never looking back
                       STAY, STAY, STAY...

The beginning of the year #2014 is all i did was "STAY" for such a long times for along way. nothing more bright then what you could said, cus i really makes myself "STAY too much longer then what I've planning. it like take and giving. The reason, it's so funny to say but i truly BROKEN then before. Cus it took me to much STAY and BROKEN at same time.. i would never imagine where i been living now, cus i don't dare to see again, again, again.. to hard to open my eyes and rearrange what I've lost no matter it still light.. because of YOU "STAY". CHANGE and SAVE would be the best way to make those lost became even better in future...

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