Friday, 19 June 2015

Diary For May + My Birthday + UTI infection

Hello, Hi, Sorry Guy for haven't update anything since my last post last month, Yes, as you all can see, i haven't been here for such a long time, as been quite lazy ( hihihihihi) and as well internet not allow me too so always up for instagram only (Most of the time) hehehe :P 

So how everyone doing now? I hope everything went well, and great.. :)

lately social media now always on top for instagram which is include me, well, it kinda be addicted and very simple, easy to use it and for me personally like blog too but not details as blog here and i still prefer on blog which is can write more, post more and most importantly is DETAILS...  is all about details. :) 

I just recently celebrate mine birthday, super emotional day for me, well ~~~

1, Feeling old, (that the fact... lol ) 
2, haven't getting a stabil career ( My dream Job still on working ) 
3, Healthy not in very good condition as before (Just recently recover frm infection)
4, haven't really have a trip backpacker for myself ( been planning for such long time 
     still not yet confirm) 
5, My bucket list still on hold, ( Try to saving as much i can to achieve my wishlist)
6, Haven't do any saving for long time running ( insurance, deposit saving, car, house,  
7, Haven't get my driver license ( Still trauma but not much as before so can consider now)
8, Family trips  ? ( well, if enough budget will do, doesn't matter anywhere) 
9, Still on working my diet, fitness lifestyle now, well, a bit more hard work now so i     
     excited to see the result on my body and hit those rocky, sexy look fashion..huahahaha 10, Relationship.... hrmm.. YES, haven't hit to the point meeting someone can take care my 
      heart... hopefully there is someone on the way for me but I pray for the best.  :)  

AND the list actually still going on.. Etc.... huhuhuhu


Thank you to my both parents for raise me, thank you to my sibling to inspire me to became even better person to myself, thank you god for always there for me through the dark and bright moments. 

" my last wish is i hope the WORLD will stay forever PEACE WITHOUT ANY WAR.. cus i soo sad for everything's going on in this world right now, i wish i could do somethings but i know there always an limit for what we could did, and all i could DO is pray for the best, stop the war, stop the violence, stop the Human Trafficking, stop the kidnapping, and moreee.. " 


 Story of Infection UTI - Urinary_tract_infection 

Yes, probably we all know about this or maybe not all.. to tell the true, i kinda embarrassed to story this cus this kinda more to very sensitive and private thing to talk and share.. hehehehe  but i decide to write post about this and share to you guys, cus maybe some of us never know about this infection and probably no idea at all. and as first time i been told 
 i had this infection, i was all blur and no idea, panic cus this is very first time i ever heard and myself get infection by this.
and so do i, do some research on internet, and believe me it does help me alot and give me some idea how to PREVENT IT and RECOVER from it and of course we need to get advise from doctor to eat the medicine to recover from this infection. 

Begin from the first time, i get this infection was two year ago, i guess, it not so worst as i been get on this second time which kinda worst for me, as been a month.. yes A MONTH.. okay back to story, the first time i had this infection, i was working and i feel so uncomfortable for whole morning and keep on urgent pee yes ( URGENT PEE although not much) but yes i felt pain every time i pee and it like somethings keep on push you to pee... so yes, i didn't do anythings cus i though it will back normal so i just wait, wait, wait till afternoon lunch time, i couldn't hold it so i went to near by clinic and see doctor after i explain what happened she told me go take urine test and after waiting for 10 minutes, the result come out and the doctor told me i had UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection)  i was like WHAT....? what that doctor? so she explain to me and she did ask me one question, am i on period now so i told her yes, and she told me that was the cause why i get infection cus maybe the pads that time i using for too long that cause the bacteria travel and yes... infection 
so after two day eat the medicine i feeling so much better. 


Recently, last month, everything was change again, i kinda feel and sense somethings wrong on my body n not comfortable as i keep on URGENT PEE during the morning so i know myself well that i suspend it UTI attack again so i went to clinic and buy the antibiotic as i did told the nurse that i might get the uti infection so she told me to eat medicine and keep drink many water to wash out the bacteria inside. so i been eat that for one week n i feel okay afterward. 

but after 2 day of it, suddenly i feel it again and this time come out worst and i can't stand the pain n keep urgent pee so i went to  clinic and the doctor told me to go take the test urine and after waiting for 10-15 minutes ( I guess) the result came out and doctor told me that mine infection was way too high high and it not like human urine and i was soo shock!! and he give me medicine for a week to eat and told me do not stop eat the medicine although i feel better... continue eat until the medicine been give finish. so i did. 

 but unfortunately, i still feel that pain, so i decide go to government clinic and they ask me go take the urine test and result came out and told that my infection is TOO HIGH that it should and it not good. so the doctor give me ANTIBIOTICS for two weeks and told me drink plenty of water, water, water... and told me to come with blood test result so i did as well the BLOOD TEST cus the doctor suspend my blood might get too much sugars OR might have other place get infection ( like my kidney) as i keep on getting the UTI in just a weeks and didn't recover from it and if still like this i need to admitted to hospital for further check. that the doctor told me 

 and the day been waiting for bloood test result and the doctor told me everything was fine, normal with my blood test so i no need to worry as my infection also gone already which mean i just need to take my cleanness and of course drink plenty of waterrrrr...

SOOO yes, since this is my few time already get this infection so i more extra take care now and keep on drink many water.. which is very important... AND 
my advice is wherever you feeling not comfortable in your (" down here ") hehe direct go see doctor to further check cus it's might infection and you do need to stay alert for it cus without any medication been take care it will even worst and COULD affect your kidney..
 ( which is i find out it could, and it scared me for whole week till i wait my blood test and saying everything is fine, normal, good, i only relieve to hear that ) .....

so i hope this could help those that might experience like me, hope this can help or guide you guys but still seeing directly to doctor or near by clinic/hospital probably is the best for you to get recover even faster..

see you guys in my next post :)
Have a good day

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Diary for April & May

OMG! i sooo lazy recently to updated my blogs when i got a whole day free at home and do nothing! Shit.. there so many going on yet i sooo not ready to face my blogs.. but this is not excuse right.

hope to start active back to updated my blogs now, as i got soo many wanna talk, write and share with you guys... hehehe   bt i can see that those day, Instagram is very addicted and most view and famous right now.. it like a trends, so people more prefer use Instagram then blogs now. but blogs still at best moment now it just not like before.. hehe even my self, kinda more on Instagram then blogging now.. but i know blogging still would be the place for me to talk everything's. haha 

So how you guys been doing lately? anythings changes? anythings new? 
well, i guess some of us do, some of us still the same to fight for somethings for better future, ins't? it's same for me, still fighting for my dream job, my dream, my future and everything's... 

i been quite the same just like other year i been through and t still same to this times, so i hope  will have some changes in my life right now, which is i really need to WORK EXTRA EXTREME hard man! it about to fight back the time's i been missing out. i am hoping there a miracle will happen soon and good news for me. *Fingercrossed* 

beside on searching the career, i quite busying my self with reading lots of novels, books, magazine, but mostly is novels...i became addicted with novel's lately which is i the person hate reading especially English novels but turn out i am right now enjoy of read it. and the fact is all my books now is mostly English novels. sooo yeah! people can change! hahahahahahaha the first books i ever read in my life is probably is " THE FAULT IN OUR STAR" yess! you know it right! it one of the most hot selling books right now and movie as well! this is books definitely one of the best love story every about the teenager fal in love despite their disability and over come because the love.! es! love is absolutely amazing feeling and wonderfully experience :)  

Here, i share one of my favorite form this book. 

Friday, 27 March 2015

Somethings. Selfie, Updated.. HELLLO! March

Hey, hey, guys, how you all be doing, well, guess everyone is busying with life that so hectic lately, or time flies so fast which make things even have to done faster right..? it;s MARCH NOW babe! welcome to #March 

as my life, well, everything's is messy, complicated and soo unclear future, it suck man! i mean, everyone and my friends have their own goals now, yet me, sitting here and think all the stuff just never happen, it really shit, shit but i will never give up for the things i wish to make it happen, so i hoping a good result and good opportunity for the future of my life. so fingercrossed for everything. :) beside that ofcourse work hard for it. 

 so much is going on now, well, seeing someone i closed now is off market! hahaha, soo much is going through BUT afterall i happy that is he best choice. i will pray for their happiness till the end. everything;s happen for reason right? nothing even Beautiful that this. i wish happiness! :) god bless.. 

i been read a few books recently, it it hit me soo such, and it pretty sad but i glad i done read it all. honestly, reading a books really give you idea of life, future, where this will a basic knowledge. ..and not to forget to mention, i kinda love the idea of write my own stories, like my own books..huahahaha, that BIG DREAM, isn't ? i just dare dream only but to make it happen, oh hell! i stilll got looooOOOOOoooong way to go, it took lots time, a really LOOOOooong time to just finished a books. but who know...right? there will always someday to make things happen you WISH TO.  so let just hope things will well n *fingercrossed*  

Love yourself Harder! hahaha, being or consider myself is Adult, Women! oh man, i just been waiting my whole life, to be this age! i dunno why but this exactly where the things and life to became most important to women, a turning point became WOMEN! haha  being a age 25 years old is like this is it! everything's have to be plan, carry, with every best way to make things work, either work, career, family, friendship, love, and Saving money! 

ohhh, everything is soooo expensive seriously, needed think twice for things you need to buy/buying....huhuhuhu  

Friday, 13 March 2015

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快了!

Hello!! hehehe, oh gosh! It's Chinese New Year #2015! can you BELIEVE THAT..time is flying soo fast and now we are in the middle of #February and CHINESE NEW YEAR! gahhhh...

How everyone doing lately..? I hope things going well...and just GOOD things happened. :) 

Life been going so far is Okayyy..hahaha i mean, there alot going on..which i still need to work on that and yes, still chasing the dream job. so that all i can said.. haha 

Well, Mine ChineseNewYear just like other years, nothing special but yes, still hoping the same mission and visions and ofcourse we all always WISH FOR THE BEST BEST each of our families member. hope this wonderful Chinese new year will bring more lucky, happiness, wealth, prosperity and moreeee! yeahhhhh! :) 

SOMETHING happened recently which bring me feeling sad but at the same times i feel kinda frustrated and happy. lol, that weird.. should i start it.. The guy i been close being a friend now has became someone life now. oh well,, i happy cus this is what he been chasing in he life soo i feel happy for him in he new life. but kinda frustrated that he never being truly being himself which make me as person and a friends feel kind bad,why would he trying to do everything when things already been settle down. huhuhu, just never understand it well but life must goes on and we just gonna moving on into new chapter of our life right.. like the old saying,"You dare to take everything then you must dare to let go everything" hahaha, it just not mean to be yours from the beginning, you have to know early how to stop things became even bigger then now. sometimes, this is just a little part of life you should learn before entry the bigger chapter in life.

 Learn to accept the thing's or something's that involve your life, but must learn to let it go when it come into the right times...

well...something's that great will always come in the way will amazing you right...?  :) 

*enjoy the photos, bu sorry, bad quality,i using my phone camera. :) 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hello February 2015!!

oh shitt! it's FEBRUARY now! GOSHHHHHH...HEY Now..i just can't put my imagination to all this thing's cus TIME is soo speechless and we all know, NOBODY could stop the time for you, her, she, he, him, them, they.. Could you UNDERSTAND it.. i always write on my post i just wish i could turn back the time and make it wait for me. so sad and so reality, I can't make it to stop for me. and i could make up all the thing's i wanna make up starting NOW..

i have many going on right now and top my list now, a good job and dream job. so i am *fingercrossed* for those.

Something happen and i could feels it deep down to my heart. i CHANGE, i CHOOSE, i LET GO, i FIGHT, I LOVE BACK. i can't be the same like i was back then but i could feels that i starting to make the way to find the PEACE of MIND i NEED the MOST. The Fact is i am soo much inspired by everything's around me now, either bad or good i let it the most to be STAND in your vision of LIVING IN THIS EARTH. 

You can end up to BEAUTIFUL LIFE but there a UNSTOP SACRIFICE you need to hold on to make it way for you. 


You can end up to UNPREDICTABLE LIFE where you can't pleased everyone to satisfied your way of Living because that a called as " I JUST CAN'T STAND AND WATCH, I NEED TO LOVE, I NEED TO LIVE LIKE SOME OTHER WHERE THE LUXURY OFFER,CHANGE SO EASY CUS THIS IS THE WAY UNPREDICTABLE " 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Facing Up More

Yes! In #2015, would be a year for me to facing up my everything's as i turning 25 year old.. haha! there a old saying that i just get on twitterNo matter who you are or what you've gone through, you are capable of finding peace " yes, no MATTER who we are or what we got,you just have to find your own peace to make things work properly in your system right? i mean, we still have a long way to go to explore everything's we haven't' get a chance to see and do it. so grab the chance to live well, make your dream come true, chasing the future your dream, traveling the place your always wanted, etc..

It's just beginning of the January 2015, but i feel time fly soo fast which make my heart beat even faster.. hahaha, probably i just feels soo nervous cus i don't want to miss everything's what i been missing out last year. cus it just too hurt and painful to watch my times flies without anything's or any progress. i did regret but i just feel it another year makes me fully understand myself in the world that nobody knew it. and i feels much more confidence to go far,far and far away for future i need to survive with. hahaha , what a day dream! :-P anyway, i still hope i can do it without any double feelings. so i am "Fingercrossed* for any good things come to me. hehehehehehe

Feeeling 25, kinda a stage of process of every little BIG things in your life right...? so i kinda ready and scared at the same time cus i dunno if i gonna make a good choice,decision but hey! i make lot wrong decision for the past few years so what i talking too now! hahaha i will work so hard to make sure i won't get a wrong decision again.. :) i have plan everything's in my wishlist now, soo i just go through everything's in details how to achieved that, and i really want make this dream job happen sooooo soon from now cus i can't wait another year and year to make it happen so i been exercising sooo harder and try too lost some weight. hopefully, i won't tooo late this year again to pass the interview cus i know soo hard to pass the interview even the 1st stage! hahaha so dear lord, help me go through this stage and i hope every stage i go will have a smooth and a good answers and result and i will PASS it! *Fingercrossed* amen.

Friday, 2 January 2015


OMG! GUYS, PEOPLE! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! hope you guys have a wonderful year in #2015, as for me, i at the age 25 year old now.. damn! i hate the fact i older a year again hey, hey a perfect age to jump for everything's isn't? oh come on! i just need to adjust myself to this 2015 now as i still kept remember and write 2014! hah! crazy.. but it the reality 2015 now sooo GOODBYE 2014 n HELLO 2015..... 

i have soo much #Wishlist to go on and make it happened this year! soo i have to earn money faster, faster, faster! from own savings, car, further study, travel, learn how to swim and Dive, dream job, good healthy, eat clean, stay fit and lose weight, etc...omg! i have sooo much wishlist to gooo for and i dunno if i gonna make it but with god willing nothing's will impossible for it to happens as long work hard to earn money.. so i am praying had for better career.. hehehe *Fingercrossed* 

I sure this times will be more different then the other year i ever have.. so i giving my mind in the state positive, come on! i been living my life soo much tough and rock up and down soo this 25 year old will be the best rewards for me to get revenge to thing's i miss the most. 

Let's make the most BEAUTIFUL year #2015, LOVE, LEARN more, be the person most happy you could be, STAY always love yourself.. Lets be passion again with the new year in 2015. make it feel your life and love again.. 

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