Friday, 2 January 2015


OMG! GUYS, PEOPLE! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015! hope you guys have a wonderful year in #2015, as for me, i at the age 25 year old now.. damn! i hate the fact i older a year again hey, hey a perfect age to jump for everything's isn't? oh come on! i just need to adjust myself to this 2015 now as i still kept remember and write 2014! hah! crazy.. but it the reality 2015 now sooo GOODBYE 2014 n HELLO 2015..... 

i have soo much #Wishlist to go on and make it happened this year! soo i have to earn money faster, faster, faster! from own savings, car, further study, travel, learn how to swim and Dive, dream job, good healthy, eat clean, stay fit and lose weight, etc...omg! i have sooo much wishlist to gooo for and i dunno if i gonna make it but with god willing nothing's will impossible for it to happens as long work hard to earn money.. so i am praying had for better career.. hehehe *Fingercrossed* 

I sure this times will be more different then the other year i ever have.. so i giving my mind in the state positive, come on! i been living my life soo much tough and rock up and down soo this 25 year old will be the best rewards for me to get revenge to thing's i miss the most. 

Let's make the most BEAUTIFUL year #2015, LOVE, LEARN more, be the person most happy you could be, STAY always love yourself.. Lets be passion again with the new year in 2015. make it feel your life and love again.. 

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  1. Happy New Year Alice! Awe, its okay age is just a number :) I really hope that all your wishes this year will come true!
    Best regards,

    1. aww! thank you for the wish... same goes to you. hope things will get better.. :)

  2. Hello Alice!I'm really enjoying browsing through your blog I'm a new follower on GFC and bloglovin
    and I'd love it if you floowed back :) Keep in touch dear!

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