Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hello February 2015!!

oh shitt! it's FEBRUARY now! GOSHHHHHH...HEY Now..i just can't put my imagination to all this thing's cus TIME is soo speechless and we all know, NOBODY could stop the time for you, her, she, he, him, them, they.. Could you UNDERSTAND it.. i always write on my post i just wish i could turn back the time and make it wait for me. so sad and so reality, I can't make it to stop for me. and i could make up all the thing's i wanna make up starting NOW..

i have many going on right now and top my list now, a good job and dream job. so i am *fingercrossed* for those.

Something happen and i could feels it deep down to my heart. i CHANGE, i CHOOSE, i LET GO, i FIGHT, I LOVE BACK. i can't be the same like i was back then but i could feels that i starting to make the way to find the PEACE of MIND i NEED the MOST. The Fact is i am soo much inspired by everything's around me now, either bad or good i let it the most to be STAND in your vision of LIVING IN THIS EARTH. 

You can end up to BEAUTIFUL LIFE but there a UNSTOP SACRIFICE you need to hold on to make it way for you. 


You can end up to UNPREDICTABLE LIFE where you can't pleased everyone to satisfied your way of Living because that a called as " I JUST CAN'T STAND AND WATCH, I NEED TO LOVE, I NEED TO LIVE LIKE SOME OTHER WHERE THE LUXURY OFFER,CHANGE SO EASY CUS THIS IS THE WAY UNPREDICTABLE " 


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Facing Up More

Yes! In #2015, would be a year for me to facing up my everything's as i turning 25 year old.. haha! there a old saying that i just get on twitterNo matter who you are or what you've gone through, you are capable of finding peace " yes, no MATTER who we are or what we got,you just have to find your own peace to make things work properly in your system right? i mean, we still have a long way to go to explore everything's we haven't' get a chance to see and do it. so grab the chance to live well, make your dream come true, chasing the future your dream, traveling the place your always wanted, etc..

It's just beginning of the January 2015, but i feel time fly soo fast which make my heart beat even faster.. hahaha, probably i just feels soo nervous cus i don't want to miss everything's what i been missing out last year. cus it just too hurt and painful to watch my times flies without anything's or any progress. i did regret but i just feel it another year makes me fully understand myself in the world that nobody knew it. and i feels much more confidence to go far,far and far away for future i need to survive with. hahaha , what a day dream! :-P anyway, i still hope i can do it without any double feelings. so i am "Fingercrossed* for any good things come to me. hehehehehehe

Feeeling 25, kinda a stage of process of every little BIG things in your life right...? so i kinda ready and scared at the same time cus i dunno if i gonna make a good choice,decision but hey! i make lot wrong decision for the past few years so what i talking too now! hahaha i will work so hard to make sure i won't get a wrong decision again.. :) i have plan everything's in my wishlist now, soo i just go through everything's in details how to achieved that, and i really want make this dream job happen sooooo soon from now cus i can't wait another year and year to make it happen so i been exercising sooo harder and try too lost some weight. hopefully, i won't tooo late this year again to pass the interview cus i know soo hard to pass the interview even the 1st stage! hahaha so dear lord, help me go through this stage and i hope every stage i go will have a smooth and a good answers and result and i will PASS it! *Fingercrossed* amen.