Saturday, 21 February 2015

Hello February 2015!!

oh shitt! it's FEBRUARY now! GOSHHHHHH...HEY Now..i just can't put my imagination to all this thing's cus TIME is soo speechless and we all know, NOBODY could stop the time for you, her, she, he, him, them, they.. Could you UNDERSTAND it.. i always write on my post i just wish i could turn back the time and make it wait for me. so sad and so reality, I can't make it to stop for me. and i could make up all the thing's i wanna make up starting NOW..

i have many going on right now and top my list now, a good job and dream job. so i am *fingercrossed* for those.

Something happen and i could feels it deep down to my heart. i CHANGE, i CHOOSE, i LET GO, i FIGHT, I LOVE BACK. i can't be the same like i was back then but i could feels that i starting to make the way to find the PEACE of MIND i NEED the MOST. The Fact is i am soo much inspired by everything's around me now, either bad or good i let it the most to be STAND in your vision of LIVING IN THIS EARTH. 

You can end up to BEAUTIFUL LIFE but there a UNSTOP SACRIFICE you need to hold on to make it way for you. 


You can end up to UNPREDICTABLE LIFE where you can't pleased everyone to satisfied your way of Living because that a called as " I JUST CAN'T STAND AND WATCH, I NEED TO LOVE, I NEED TO LIVE LIKE SOME OTHER WHERE THE LUXURY OFFER,CHANGE SO EASY CUS THIS IS THE WAY UNPREDICTABLE " 



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