Friday, 27 March 2015

Somethings. Selfie, Updated.. HELLLO! March

Hey, hey, guys, how you all be doing, well, guess everyone is busying with life that so hectic lately, or time flies so fast which make things even have to done faster right..? it;s MARCH NOW babe! welcome to #March 

as my life, well, everything's is messy, complicated and soo unclear future, it suck man! i mean, everyone and my friends have their own goals now, yet me, sitting here and think all the stuff just never happen, it really shit, shit but i will never give up for the things i wish to make it happen, so i hoping a good result and good opportunity for the future of my life. so fingercrossed for everything. :) beside that ofcourse work hard for it. 

 so much is going on now, well, seeing someone i closed now is off market! hahaha, soo much is going through BUT afterall i happy that is he best choice. i will pray for their happiness till the end. everything;s happen for reason right? nothing even Beautiful that this. i wish happiness! :) god bless.. 

i been read a few books recently, it it hit me soo such, and it pretty sad but i glad i done read it all. honestly, reading a books really give you idea of life, future, where this will a basic knowledge. ..and not to forget to mention, i kinda love the idea of write my own stories, like my own books..huahahaha, that BIG DREAM, isn't ? i just dare dream only but to make it happen, oh hell! i stilll got looooOOOOOoooong way to go, it took lots time, a really LOOOOooong time to just finished a books. but who know...right? there will always someday to make things happen you WISH TO.  so let just hope things will well n *fingercrossed*  

Love yourself Harder! hahaha, being or consider myself is Adult, Women! oh man, i just been waiting my whole life, to be this age! i dunno why but this exactly where the things and life to became most important to women, a turning point became WOMEN! haha  being a age 25 years old is like this is it! everything's have to be plan, carry, with every best way to make things work, either work, career, family, friendship, love, and Saving money! 

ohhh, everything is soooo expensive seriously, needed think twice for things you need to buy/buying....huhuhuhu  


  1. Great Post Alice !! Enjoyed it
    Hugs from the Philippines !!


  2. Lovely :)

    1. thank you :) have a good day :)