Thursday, 28 May 2015

Diary for April & May

OMG! i sooo lazy recently to updated my blogs when i got a whole day free at home and do nothing! Shit.. there so many going on yet i sooo not ready to face my blogs.. but this is not excuse right.

hope to start active back to updated my blogs now, as i got soo many wanna talk, write and share with you guys... hehehe   bt i can see that those day, Instagram is very addicted and most view and famous right now.. it like a trends, so people more prefer use Instagram then blogs now. but blogs still at best moment now it just not like before.. hehe even my self, kinda more on Instagram then blogging now.. but i know blogging still would be the place for me to talk everything's. haha 

So how you guys been doing lately? anythings changes? anythings new? 
well, i guess some of us do, some of us still the same to fight for somethings for better future, ins't? it's same for me, still fighting for my dream job, my dream, my future and everything's... 

i been quite the same just like other year i been through and t still same to this times, so i hope  will have some changes in my life right now, which is i really need to WORK EXTRA EXTREME hard man! it about to fight back the time's i been missing out. i am hoping there a miracle will happen soon and good news for me. *Fingercrossed* 

beside on searching the career, i quite busying my self with reading lots of novels, books, magazine, but mostly is novels...i became addicted with novel's lately which is i the person hate reading especially English novels but turn out i am right now enjoy of read it. and the fact is all my books now is mostly English novels. sooo yeah! people can change! hahahahahahaha the first books i ever read in my life is probably is " THE FAULT IN OUR STAR" yess! you know it right! it one of the most hot selling books right now and movie as well! this is books definitely one of the best love story every about the teenager fal in love despite their disability and over come because the love.! es! love is absolutely amazing feeling and wonderfully experience :)  

Here, i share one of my favorite form this book.