Friday, 19 June 2015

Diary For May + My Birthday + UTI infection

Hello, Hi, Sorry Guy for haven't update anything since my last post last month, Yes, as you all can see, i haven't been here for such a long time, as been quite lazy ( hihihihihi) and as well internet not allow me too so always up for instagram only (Most of the time) hehehe :P 

So how everyone doing now? I hope everything went well, and great.. :)

lately social media now always on top for instagram which is include me, well, it kinda be addicted and very simple, easy to use it and for me personally like blog too but not details as blog here and i still prefer on blog which is can write more, post more and most importantly is DETAILS...  is all about details. :) 

I just recently celebrate mine birthday, super emotional day for me, well ~~~

1, Feeling old, (that the fact... lol ) 
2, haven't getting a stabil career ( My dream Job still on working ) 
3, Healthy not in very good condition as before (Just recently recover frm infection)
4, haven't really have a trip backpacker for myself ( been planning for such long time 
     still not yet confirm) 
5, My bucket list still on hold, ( Try to saving as much i can to achieve my wishlist)
6, Haven't do any saving for long time running ( insurance, deposit saving, car, house,  
7, Haven't get my driver license ( Still trauma but not much as before so can consider now)
8, Family trips  ? ( well, if enough budget will do, doesn't matter anywhere) 
9, Still on working my diet, fitness lifestyle now, well, a bit more hard work now so i     
     excited to see the result on my body and hit those rocky, sexy look fashion..huahahaha 10, Relationship.... hrmm.. YES, haven't hit to the point meeting someone can take care my 
      heart... hopefully there is someone on the way for me but I pray for the best.  :)  

AND the list actually still going on.. Etc.... huhuhuhu


Thank you to my both parents for raise me, thank you to my sibling to inspire me to became even better person to myself, thank you god for always there for me through the dark and bright moments. 

" my last wish is i hope the WORLD will stay forever PEACE WITHOUT ANY WAR.. cus i soo sad for everything's going on in this world right now, i wish i could do somethings but i know there always an limit for what we could did, and all i could DO is pray for the best, stop the war, stop the violence, stop the Human Trafficking, stop the kidnapping, and moreee.. " 


 Story of Infection UTI - Urinary_tract_infection 

Yes, probably we all know about this or maybe not all.. to tell the true, i kinda embarrassed to story this cus this kinda more to very sensitive and private thing to talk and share.. hehehehe  but i decide to write post about this and share to you guys, cus maybe some of us never know about this infection and probably no idea at all. and as first time i been told 
 i had this infection, i was all blur and no idea, panic cus this is very first time i ever heard and myself get infection by this.
and so do i, do some research on internet, and believe me it does help me alot and give me some idea how to PREVENT IT and RECOVER from it and of course we need to get advise from doctor to eat the medicine to recover from this infection. 

Begin from the first time, i get this infection was two year ago, i guess, it not so worst as i been get on this second time which kinda worst for me, as been a month.. yes A MONTH.. okay back to story, the first time i had this infection, i was working and i feel so uncomfortable for whole morning and keep on urgent pee yes ( URGENT PEE although not much) but yes i felt pain every time i pee and it like somethings keep on push you to pee... so yes, i didn't do anythings cus i though it will back normal so i just wait, wait, wait till afternoon lunch time, i couldn't hold it so i went to near by clinic and see doctor after i explain what happened she told me go take urine test and after waiting for 10 minutes, the result come out and the doctor told me i had UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection)  i was like WHAT....? what that doctor? so she explain to me and she did ask me one question, am i on period now so i told her yes, and she told me that was the cause why i get infection cus maybe the pads that time i using for too long that cause the bacteria travel and yes... infection 
so after two day eat the medicine i feeling so much better. 


Recently, last month, everything was change again, i kinda feel and sense somethings wrong on my body n not comfortable as i keep on URGENT PEE during the morning so i know myself well that i suspend it UTI attack again so i went to clinic and buy the antibiotic as i did told the nurse that i might get the uti infection so she told me to eat medicine and keep drink many water to wash out the bacteria inside. so i been eat that for one week n i feel okay afterward. 

but after 2 day of it, suddenly i feel it again and this time come out worst and i can't stand the pain n keep urgent pee so i went to  clinic and the doctor told me to go take the test urine and after waiting for 10-15 minutes ( I guess) the result came out and doctor told me that mine infection was way too high high and it not like human urine and i was soo shock!! and he give me medicine for a week to eat and told me do not stop eat the medicine although i feel better... continue eat until the medicine been give finish. so i did. 

 but unfortunately, i still feel that pain, so i decide go to government clinic and they ask me go take the urine test and result came out and told that my infection is TOO HIGH that it should and it not good. so the doctor give me ANTIBIOTICS for two weeks and told me drink plenty of water, water, water... and told me to come with blood test result so i did as well the BLOOD TEST cus the doctor suspend my blood might get too much sugars OR might have other place get infection ( like my kidney) as i keep on getting the UTI in just a weeks and didn't recover from it and if still like this i need to admitted to hospital for further check. that the doctor told me 

 and the day been waiting for bloood test result and the doctor told me everything was fine, normal with my blood test so i no need to worry as my infection also gone already which mean i just need to take my cleanness and of course drink plenty of waterrrrr...

SOOO yes, since this is my few time already get this infection so i more extra take care now and keep on drink many water.. which is very important... AND 
my advice is wherever you feeling not comfortable in your (" down here ") hehe direct go see doctor to further check cus it's might infection and you do need to stay alert for it cus without any medication been take care it will even worst and COULD affect your kidney..
 ( which is i find out it could, and it scared me for whole week till i wait my blood test and saying everything is fine, normal, good, i only relieve to hear that ) .....

so i hope this could help those that might experience like me, hope this can help or guide you guys but still seeing directly to doctor or near by clinic/hospital probably is the best for you to get recover even faster..

see you guys in my next post :)
Have a good day

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